Messy Pigeons? Noisy Crows?

We can solve the problem!

If you have a bird control problem, you will notice live birds and bird cries, nesting materials strewn about and damaged stock.

At CDP Environmental, we realise that quality delivered with passion is key when delivering solutions such as Bird Netting and Bird Pest Control. We strive to be responsive, flexible, reliable and cost-effective and we provide a range of intelligent bird control solutions that are both discreet and sensitive to the aesthetics and construction of each individual building. You will notice live birds and bird cries. Nesting materials strewn about. Damaged stock

Potential risks

Birds on the premises can spread diseases such as Ornithosis and Salmonella. They can deface buildings with their droppings and foul entryways, as well as damage cars with their acidic droppings. They also encourage secondary insect infestation of their nests.

What to do next…

Our specialist bird proofing team can provide solutions to your flying menace.

We are able to assess your problem and proof accordingly depending on access and can supply a range of proofing solutions from spiking, netting or bird free gel, using an abseiling team.

Health and safety for all bird proofing is our top priority when carrying out this type of work. All bird control work is undertaken after a full survey and health and safety report is completed.

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